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A Secret Energy Transmission

Nathalie’s Story I woke up this morning realizing that this month there were 3 suicides in my circles. Not people I know personally, but I heard from people very close to me, including my daughter. A teen in my daughter’s college dormitory hung himself. Another teen, the stepson of my … Read More

How to Get More Quercetin in your Diet

Have you ever been so stuffed up that you’re afraid to eat? When allergy season is driving you nuts, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to eat that won’t make things worse.  Here are 3 of my Favorite Medicinal Foods, described in Chinese Medical Terms, and some … Read More

How to Prevent a Cold Before it Takes Hold

The trick to nipping a cold in the bud is frequent dosing of natural medicines, and taking it easy. Here are the 3 main parts: Notice early that the cold is coming on Slow down if possible and take it easy. Dose frequently with various natural medicines of your choice … Read More

Is it Bad to Take Allergy Medicine Everyday?

Good for you for asking this question… because a part of you already knows that the answer might not be the one you want to hear. Many people, who do not want to ask this question, instead ask, why would I take something natural, when it’s more expensive, less convenient, … Read More

Are Allergy Medications Bad?

If you truly need them, then it looks like the need outweighs the side effects, and  you can find the best one for you. But if you don’t need as much, or everyday, or at all, who wants to take medication unnecessarily? Different types of allergy relief have different listed … Read More

Get Rid of Allergies Naturally

How Can I Get Rid of Allergies Naturally? Although there’s no cure for allergies yet, there’s a lot you can do to significantly reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms. Based in personal experience and 20 years of clinical acupuncture practice, here’s my top 8 list of things you can … Read More

Medicine for the Age of Awakening

The Age of Awakening is now, and the medicine of this time is something invisible. The medicine of this age is personal growth and consciousness.  It includes energy healing, gratitude, connection, appreciation, support, generosity, allowance, trust… Only when we miss the problem, delay, or ignore it, do we need the … Read More

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