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Lucidia Allergy Season Support

How to Take Lucidia for Maximum Benefits

Thank you for your order of Lucidia. We’re happy to connect and we wish you all the best on your journey to greater health!

You’ve chosen one of the best seasonal immune support formulas available! We want you to get the most benefit from Lucidia so here are some things you should know:

Proper dosing is important, and differs from how we typically take medicine. Lucidia has a lot of plant material so it may seem like too much when compared to a 24 hour relief medication; however, in the beginning and during intense times in the pollen season, it may be necessary to take 3-4 capsules every 3 hours. This will not be too much, as some of these ingredients are used in scientific research studies at 30 times this dosage for certain cancer prevention and immune support treatments. Dosing will vary according to person and circumstances, but heres a general guideline:

Lucidia is more effective when taken on an empty or almost empty stomach.

First Dose: test with 1 capsule, to ensure symptoms are not exacerbated (it’s rare, but make sure there’s no reaction or mild skin rash within 10 min to an hour).

Do NOT take Lucidia for severe symptoms or anaphylactic reactions unless you have already tested and confirmed that it’s safe for you.

After testing, dosage is 2-3 caps AS NEEDED. The first day, or first few days this could mean for frequent dosing, depending on the state of the body and health condition, and dietary and lifestyle habits. In this initial period, the body is cleansing the lymphatic and blood so it becomes less reactive to pollens and irritants, and is less burdened by a congested system. After this period, usually dosing can be lowered to 2 capsules as needed and relief can be experienced within 5 minutes of dosing. These herbs are extra activated when taken with Vitamin C, so if you want to try taking them together, the efficacy will likely increase.

If you discover that this is not the right formula for you, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can simply contact us and request a refund, which will be initiated with no questions asked. Please remember that this does not have to do with poor quality products or service, rather, a different formula or lifestyle will be more ideal for you. We assure you that our products are premium quality, fresh, and developed by expert herbalists and trusted for use for out own children, families, pets, patients and selves! They have been loved and used by thousands, and around for over a decade.

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