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Premium Quality

We are a California based women owned and operated company. We use organic, US grown herbs and have rigorous in house and 3rd party testing before and after each batch is made. Our Reishi mushroom is grown by one of the leading mushroom experts in the country who has been growing for over 25 years. Lucidia is produced in a fully equipped laboratory with cGMP compliance in California.

Lucidia has been used by patients and holistic health care practitioners for 12 years.


Our mission is to bring simple, safe, health-promoting natural immune support to people while raising awareness and empowering people in our natural ability to live in strength, happiness, and health.

Our story

Nathalie Babazadeh is an acupuncturist, herbalist, teacher of energy medicine, and sustainable medicine advocate. After her own recovery from chronic allergies since childhood, she spent 18 years in clinical practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She formulated Lucidia for quick relief and health benefits in 2009. Nathalie is an intuitive, focused, spiritual healer, UC Berkeley graduate, mother of two, and is deeply inspired by the Great Mystery of life and the natural world.

Kacey Moe grew up with a natural interest and fascination with the world around her.  Whether it was staring at the starry night sky, camping, or making forts out of scrap wood and branches, she appreciated the warmth and beauty of nature.  She earned a BS in Kinesiology followed by a Masters in Holistic Nutrition.  Kacey also has nearly a decade of teaching in Waldorf early childhood programs, as well as training as a birth doula, Reiki II practitioner and yoga instructor.  She brings these life experiences forward as she partners with Nathalie to create Artemis Therapeutics.

Nathalie and Kacey also founded the Bliss Dog School of Consciousness and Energy Medicine. They can be found at

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