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How to Do a Coffee Enema: A Simple, Safe, Effective Self-Treatment to Improve Health

Unlock Your Health Potential with Coffee Enemas

This simple, safe, and free self-treatment makes all the difference for many. Can they reduce seasonal allergies, waistline, PMS, and even Erectile Dysfunction? That’s the feedback we’ve gotten so far.

Hello Brave One,

I’m glad you’re here. There are times in life when we need a real body reset— a deep cleaning. Coffee enemas might be just the thing for you. I will give some info so you can decide if this is just what you need right now. (Scroll to bottom for How to do Coffee Enema with Recipe)

If you are struggling with some aspect of your health and cannot find a solution, tune in and see if this might be something you want to try.

I’m talking about allergy symptoms that keep getting worse over the years, bloating or puffiness, aches and pains, and feeling tired all the time.

Maybe you’re really good about diet and exercise but it’s just not cutting it, and no matter what, that gut just wants to hang around. Or you’re terrible with diet and exercise because you don’t have the energy to make the changes you know you need to make.

Well, coffee enemas can truly give the boost and reset that we need to make those changes. They can be done as a one-off session, or over a month-long period, depending on what you need.

They also usually give an immediate result—a feeling of lightness on your feet, leaner around the waistline, less aches and pains, and even less seasonal allergies. This boost makes exercise much easier and clears the mind for strength and resolve. They can also help with overall energy and brightening the skin, making your face look less aged and tired.

Coffee enemas are not just a trend. It’s important for our culture to understand that cleansing—liver, gallbladder, and digestive—should be part of everyone’s basic health maintenance routine. No different from dental cleanings, mammograms after 40, or colon cancer screenings. Coffee enemas are one way to do this deep cleaning, and they are much easier than fasting, juicing, and gallbladder cleansing with oil and epsom salts. These are all great things, and each person should find what works best for their body, based on age, life circumstances, and constitution (how your body does with each one).

This is going to sound radical, but it’s important to put it out there: I believe that for some people coffee enemas can prevent real diseases such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, chronic bacterial and viral infections, pancreatic problems, mood problems, and even certain types of cancer.

This is not to make a big health claim or empty promises—rather it’s to let you know that for certain body types, detoxification with coffee enemas is serious business.

Also, it’s simple, safe, and practically free.

How, you might be asking, can coffee enemas have such an impact on so many aspects of our health?

What Coffee Enemas Do in our Bodies:

Release Obstructions in the Liver

Unlock Your Health Potential with Coffee Enemas

The coffee stimulates the liver in such a way as to release obstructions in the bile ducts. These obstructions block the liver from detoxifying the entire body.

The blood and lymph cannot be cleansed in the liver if the ducts are physically blocked with oil accumulations, plaque pieces, sand-sized calcifications, and tiny clusters of bacteria and microorganisms. You may or may not see these come out in your stool, but they are there. They come out looking like small seeds, greenish or beige-colored stones, triangular pieces, dark hard stool, even blood clots if you have them (they are meaty like pieces of liver) will come out.

What do you think happens if these things just stay in the body forever?

They turn into things such as the plaque in our arteries, gallstones, tumors, inflammation, or if we’re “lucky”—allergies.

Detoxification of the Mesenteric Lymph Nodes

This is a network of lymph nodes that lives behind the intestines. When they are swollen and full of waters with metabolic waste and inflammation, our bodies look fuller and fatter than they are. This also pushes pressure up into our head, face, neck, and shoulders. This pressure will cause something up above, depending on what your body is prone to— allergies, headaches, neck tension, high blood pressure, headaches, or poor cognitive function. It’s a mechanical result. Coffee enemas help this lymphatic system drain the toxins out through the urine. The result is a slimmed waistline, feeling lighter on your feet and legs, and less nasal congestion (pressure in the face).

I know this isn’t talked about in conventional medicine but you don’t need to trust me—just try it and find out for yourself. Sometimes chronic shoulder tension will start to ease within 1 session of enemas.

Flushing the Small and Large Intestines

Coffee enemas can help clear out stool that may have been stuck up in the small intestine for some time. This is sometimes referred to as petrified stool and you will know its clearing if the stool that comes out is extra stinky, or smells different from what usually comes out. If the small intestine is harboring old feces, it causes various problems such as poor blood sugar regulation, acid reflux, oral hygiene issues, histamine intolerance, parasite infections, bad breath, and moodiness. You probably don’t need to know any of this to know that you don’t want to harbor old feces anywhere in your body.


How do we know this is true, you might be asking?

Why aren’t doctors talking about it? That’s another story.

Let’s keep it simple.

The proof is in the pudding. You will see what comes out, AND you will experience how you feel.

Sometimes you might feel tired for a bit, as the body has to adjust and as both physical and emotional toxins are getting stirred up. Most will look and feel better immediately, and increase with each session (done properly with good timing).

Some feel lots of energy, some feel a deep peace they haven’t felt in years. Some notice their PMS is gone after 1 session. Some might cry and feel a bit weak at first.

It will be different for everyone, and part of how true health works in modern times is to trust yourself and tune into what is best for you at any given time—not to just depend on external validation when it comes to your own body.

Coffee enemas are for certain times in life when you feel called, when you’re “due” for a deep cleanse or reset, or when nothing else is working. It might be a time that you need to slow down, and let it be a personal home retreat– because it does take a bit of slowing down, and processing will happen.

Here’s some evidence for you:

Coffee enemas have been used as part of a botanical cancer recovery treatment program. They have effectively been used to help cancer patients detox from chemicals from radiation and chemotherapy that cause fatigue and pain.

Also, coffee enemas have been used to quickly detoxify drug overdose, saving lives by being the fastest way to remove drug toxicity. This is not a recommendation to anyone–rather it’s an example to show evidence of the detoxification effects of coffee enemas specifically (not just water enemas).

How to Do a Coffee Enema with Recipe:

Prepare the coffee early, so it has time to cool down before use, about 1 hour before use. If you are late, you can use ice cubes or add cold water to cool it quickly (only cool to body temperature, like a warm bath, or about 97-100 degrees–hot, but comfortable to put your finger in it)

How to Prepare the Coffee

Add 3 T of organic light roast or green coffee to 4 cups of water in a pot. Cover and bring to a simmer. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Strain into a glass jar to cool down.

Prepare Your Space

You may choose to do this in your bathroom or a bedroom for privacy and more room. Urgency might occur, so bathroom is best for most.

Lay a towel down.

Bring an extra towel or light blanket to cover yourself while you rest with the fluid inside you on the floor.

You do not want to have a draft on you or get cold.

Keep some oil nearby to lubricate the tube.

Make sure the applicator is clean and sterilized.

Do the Enema

Get as much air out of the bag and hose as possible. A small amount of air is fine, but a large amount could cause gas and discomfort.

Lie down on your back to administer the enema. Oil the applicator before inserting into the anus. Use the applicator for enema (smooth without spritzer holes), not the ridged applicator with spriter holes which is for douche.

Allow the water to slowly enter by partially kinking the hose.

Relax your body and mind during the whole process.

Do not listen to stimulating things on the phone. Ideally you will be without electronics, but you may listen to music or guided meditation if you prefer.

You may choose to start on your left side, then roll your feet and hips up into the air like a shoulder stand, then relax down on your right side.

Try to retain the water for 10 minutes.

Gently massage your abdomen to break things up.

After a bit of movement, roll to your right side and RELAX and stay still.

You may feel or hear things releasing, such as bubbles, tiny gallstones, blood flow in your digestive organs.

Once you feel the urgency, or after 10 minutes, go to the bathroom and release the water and bowels.

You may have a few bowel movements.

If you want, look in the toilet and see what comes out.

You may find foam, green seed-like pellets, mucus, little sticks, ropy things, bean-like clumps, or different things that come out from what you are used to seeing.

Some say that these are festers of bacteria, cholesterol, parasites, and gallstones (pre-calcification or calcified).

Who knows, but you will be happy that they are out.

If you have trouble the first time, don’t worry. It just takes a few tries to get used to it. You can finish and try again another day.

Additional guidance on this process is here – check it out!

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