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4 Things to Know about Year of the Dragon 2024

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Chinese zodiac, Lunar New Year

By Nathalie Babazadeh, L.Ac.

Happy Lunar New Year! 

2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon and it brings an especially exciting promise.

Dragons are mythical creatures, and they represent the lifeblood of the planet. They are the undercurrent of the earth, and can affect the prosperity of a region or community by making fertile ground, preventing flood and fire, bringing health and good fortune, protection, and increasing the value of real estate.

For this reason, the dragon is the most revered of the 12 animals of the zodiac in Chinese cultural mythology—it is supernatural, unlike the other animals in the zodiac.

So,what does this tell us about the year and how do we make the most out of this auspicious energy that is beginning Feb 10, 2024 and returns every 12 years?

1. The energy of the dragon is that regular rules do NOT apply.

The laws of Newtonian physics are always operating in the “main” dimension of life on earth, but with dragon energy, we can more easily work within the laws of Quantum physics. That means things can happen outside our regular idea of time and space—they can happen quickly, or outside of what seems to be a logical mechanism or timeline. 

This means that this is a year to think outside the box. To get creative with problem solving. To have hope, and to not let ourselves get too bogged down by what “seems” possible or realistic, especially if the effort is for the higher good. Dragon is generous and benevolent, so businesses of this nature and humanitarian efforts will be supported by the year of the dragon.

This year, the ones who are able to think outside the box will do well. Clinging to the safe, known ways is not harmonious to the energy of this year, and will cause problems and anxiety. It’s a year to move with flow, grace, trust, and adaptability.

Regular rules do not apply is the theme here, and Dragon people tend to get away with anything. This applies for better or for worse, and is not tied to virtuous acts, bad behavior, or simple neutral things such as being able to pull off an outfit that no one else can.

2. Dragon energy is big and wild. 

This means there is big opportunity for growth—in business and personal development.

There is a wildness to it as well, that sometimes moves quickly, and sometimes very flowing and gracefully.

Again, if you are comfortable with “uncontained” energy, unpredictability, you will do well, as this energy is wild, not domesticated.

Of course, this wild energy can go in a negative direction, and feel too out of control, but mostly its a good wildness, since the nature of the dragon is benevolent and auspicious. 

This can be seen in the story of why the dragon is number 5 in the Zodiac, rather than #1. In the creation myth, the animals were in a race. Dragon, being a mythical creature, should have easily come in first. But, before crossing the finish line, Dragon passed by a village in drought and went to help to bring water and fertility to the land. Then Dragon passed a village in a flood catasrtophe, and went to rescue the village from flood. Then Dragon saw that Rabbit needed help, so after helping Rabbit, Dragon finished the race, just behind Rabbit, at fifth place.

This is the nature and power of the dragon. 

3. Health and Healing Opportunities

This could be a year to resolve emotions that can lead to health problems such as breast, lung or prostate cancer, heart disease, asthma, and allergies.

There is an opportunity to release grief or rage held in the chest or reproductive organs. They can be transmuted through practices such as breath of fire, fitness exercise, sounding, singing, and the expressive arts when done intentionally. 

Best to use the breath, sound, and eyes to express this energy out from the chest or lower chakras like a dragon would breathe fire.

To heal joint pain, expressive dance movement as if dancing with dragon can be beneficial.

4. How to Make Dragon Happy

To make the most of the auspicious energy of 2024, we want to harmonize with the energy of Dragon, get in flow with the natural energy, and make dragon happy.

Activities that make dragon happy are gardening and anything that benefits, honors, or plays with the earth. 


Working with focused intensity, then slowing, enjoying, and moving with grace

Decorate, beautify, and occasionally dress up with some jewelry (metal, shimmery, or jingly coins are like scales) to honor the dragon

Ego will not make dragon happy. It will be a battle. Dragon ALWAYS rules, so humility, following the flow, letting dragon lead the way, staying smaller than dragon.

Take care of our eyes this year. Rest them. Limit screen time. Soften the gaze. Cup your eyes with your hands and send healing energy into them. Put cold green tea bags or cucumbers on them. Use the Chinese herb Long Gan fruit to nourish the eyes. Be mindful of what imagery you take in—horror/news vs beauty and nature. 

If you play piano, honor the dragon by thinking of the keys as scales, or listen to piano and learn how the dragon moves. 

Let dragon balance your energy in your meditation practice through the third eye vision. If you run hot or feel hot tempered, swim with a water dragon in cool rivers of the land. If you run cold, dance with a fire dragon. If you are heavy and damp, move with an earth dragon.

In general this year, tune in to your intuition. Close your eyes and ask, what do I need to do now? You may ask Dragon or your inner guidance, and this will help you harmonize and catch the wave of the Dragon of 2024. 

新年快乐 – HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!  xīn nián kuài lè! from Artemis Therapeutics


Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Healing Arts and Energy Medicine teacher

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