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How to Cure Plantar Warts on Children at Home in 2 Steps

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Plantar warts can be caused by a variety of strains of HPV (virus). 

For children, there are a few easy things to focus on to get rid of the warts quickly and without pain.

1. Do not let feet stay moist in shoes

The virus thrives in a warm, moist environment, so do what makes sense to make it uninhabitable for the virus, such as:

  • Taking shoes off every few hours to air out the feet
  • Use cotton or wool socks (no/reduced synthetic fibers). It can be difficult to find 100% cotton socks, but at least 70% cotton will make a big difference.
  • If shoes are sweaty and moist, consider putting them out in the sun to dry, or putting baking soda in the shoes.
  • Consider getting new shoes and rotating shoes more often.

2. Treat the Warts naturally without pain

The fastest and easiest treatment I have found to treat plantar warts in children is using the essential oil Roman chamomile topically. I use the Aura Cacia brand, which is diluted in jojoba oil, but any brand that has good-quality true plant extracts will work.

Apply directly to the warts by swiping a few drops on the soles of clean feet each night at bedtime.  Obviously, wash your hands after applying. 

Miraculously, even after several years of warts, they may disappear within 7–10 days of treatment.

(If they do not, then either a different treatment or an adjunct treatment may be helpful–such as immune support, Vitamin C)

After two nights, you may notice that the warts are shrinking in size and that there is a small black dot in the center of the warts. 

The child may sleep very restfully because Roman chamomile is calming and cleansing.

It is a very strong antiviral and antibacterial agent and has traditionally been used to treat various skin disorders and inflammation. 

It smells very clean and fresh, and only a small amount is needed. 

The treatment is very effective and painless.

Other uses of Roman chamomile essential oil:

Now that you have this first-aid remedy in your cabinet, it can be used for other things as well.

  • It is a strong disinfectant and can be used to clean open cuts and wounds. Soak the wound in warm to hot water with a few drops of the oil. It will soothe and cleanse the wound, and promote faster healing.
  • Put a few drops in a face spritzer with water and spray on face before moisturizer or sunscreen to freshen, calm and moisturize skin.
  • Use in an essential oil diffuser for a fresh calming effect on the nervous system. 
  • May calm red irritated skin—first test a small area to check. 


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