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Quick guide for Acupuncturists Only

Hello Fellow Acupuncturists, 

As you know, you can really help a person who suffers from seasonal, pet, hay fever type allergies.


  1. For quick relief, similar to antihistamine, without side effects. Cleans out the system–blood, liver, lymph or metabolic debris, breaks down mucus, nourishes blood with minerals and chlorophyll, and supports thyroid and thymus glandular health.

Will very likely alleviate sneezing, itching,
watery eyes, runny nose.

Patients may take as needed, for relief.

Freeze dried stinging nettlesimmediate antihistamine- like action, detoxify blood, nourish thymus and thyroid gland
Reishi mushroomdetoxify liver, long term immune building, research shows various anticancer functions, nervous system support
Quercetinresearch shows various anticancer properties, immediate antihistamine-like function, breaks down mucus
N-Acetylcysteineliver detoxification, breaks down mucus in lymphatic system
Bromelainbreaks down mucus, anti inflammatory in sinus region

Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Treatment

  1. Address Lung and Spleen organ imbalances and lifestyle as appropriate.
  1. Be sure to address the underlying condition of the blood and other organs by giving a differential Chinese Medical Diagnosis and treatment. Allergies will never be limited to Lung and Spleen.

    A side effect of the whole body treatment is that allergies will resolve or reduce. In all cases, make sure the patient is getting 8 hours of restful sleep. This will restore the system and reduce allergy symptoms.
  1. Liver Yang Rising— 

    The vascular system of the head, neck and face is constricted resulting in any variety of symptoms such as: sinus congestion, stress, neck tension, headaches. Very common in our culture to push energy upward for focus using coffee, screens, and stimulants. Usually age range is 20-45.

    Formula: Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin, Cinnamon Protector Oil on GB 20, 21
  1. Blood Deficiency—

    Symptoms such as dryness, graying of hair, heavy menstruation, stress, fatigue, restricted diet, poor sleep, pale tongue, age range 18-45. 

    Formula examples: Si Wu Tang, He Shou Wu
  1. Liver Qi Stagnation—

    For severe blockage and congestion, a liver cleanse such as Dr. Hulda Clark gallbladder cleanse may be necessary if the patient is open to it.

    Otherwise to move the liver qi, calm the nervous system, emotional clearing will really help with allergies.

    Formula examples: Jia Wei Xiao Yao San, Chaste Berry, Gaba amino acid
  1. Yin or Yang  Deficiency

    Epinephrine has a big effect on the vascular pressure in the head and face. If kidney function is low, no medications will help allergies without support. 

    Sleep and mental rest are essential. Patient should lay down during the day if they get tired, even for just 20 minutes.

    Use favorite herbs according to symptoms such as:

    Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
    Bai He Gu Jin Wan
    Black Cohosh
    Adrenal Support Formulas
    Moxa Du 4, UB 23, SJ 5, KI 1

Feel free to reach out if you have questions, suggestions, or to share your expertise. 

In community, 
Nathalie Babazadeh, L.Ac.

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