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Medicine for the Age of Awakening

The Age of Awakening is now, and the medicine of this time is something invisible. The medicine of this age is personal growth and consciousness.  It includes energy healing, gratitude, connection, appreciation, support, generosity, allowance, trust… Only when we miss the problem, delay, or ignore it, do we need the … Read More

The New American Dream – Curiosity, Acceptance and Love

Yesterday Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election.  Around San Diego there was a lot of celebrating.  Cars passing by honking, people hanging out their windows with cowbells, others cheering back from the sidewalk.  It was like a huge collective out-breath, a big sigh of relief! Biden and Harris … Read More

Stress Management, Immune Health and Allergies

Stress Management, Immune Health and Allergies You might be wondering how those health issues relate to each other?  Well, throughout the 10 years of being in business and another 10 years prior to that learning about natural ways of healing the body, one thing that we’ve come to know is … Read More

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