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Stress Management, Immune Health and Allergies

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Kacey Moe


Stress Management, Immune Health and Allergies

You might be wondering how those health issues relate to each other?  Well, throughout the 10 years of being in business and another 10 years prior to that learning about natural ways of healing the body, one thing that we’ve come to know is that the body is both simple and complex.

For instance, we can’t simply say that “one size” allergy medicine fits all; the body is too complex.  What provides relief for one person may not work for another, even if their symptoms appear the same.

On the other hand, we can say that stress has a negative impact on all bodies, so in that way it’s simple.  BUT, the type of stress, the length of time the body is under stress and the health of the body before the stress was introduced all play a part in the sort of impact the stress might have on the body (i.e. allergies, ulcers, hyper tension, inability to focus, depression, anxiety, etc.).  Complex… right?

Even with the body being as complex as it is (and there are an infinite number of examples!), we’re trying to keep things simple.  With that idea in mind, we intuitively created herbal medicines that most bodies can benefit from.  They’re like eating veggies every day, spending time in fresh air and daily movement activities – they simply benefit the body!

We’ve chosen to focus on these three categories of health: stress management, immunity and allergies, because in a lot of circumstances, when stress is under control and the immune system is strong and optimal, then allergies are minimal.  Imagine a little pyramid of optimal health J

But like I mentioned earlier, the body is both simple and complex and there is no “right” answer for everyone.  Our journey and lesson in life is to listen to our body.  Sometimes we must listen very carefully because it speaks in whispers…  then sometimes it screams at us!  And the thing is, I think it tries a bunch of different ways to communicate.  The whispers and screams can be something like a muscles ache, stomach ache, headache, heartburn, ulcer, allergies or skin rash.  Or it can be an intuitive, subtle gut feeling – that little voice inside each and every one of us.  And I think the better listeners we are, the less the body has to scream at us.

That’s a very simple and brief answer to how we came to focus our energy and attention on stress management, immune health and allergies.  There are more layers, but for now, I’ll say good-bye and promise to write more in depth about these three in the 


Kacey Moe

MS Holistic Nutrition

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