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Relaxing & Rejuvenating Oil Gift Set

I recently wrote a blog article about Valerian where I talked little bit about the spirit of the Valerian plant.  It’s such a deep and powerful plant that can go unnoticed, underappreciate and underutilized, but I’m so happy that it made its way into our consciousness and is now a … Read More

The Spirit Of Valerian

Over the years, I’ve come to learn more and appreciate the depth and beauty of Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis).  I appreciate (and find rather funny) the contrast of the dainty, sweet, light pink flowers to the pungent, almost cat-urine-like smell of its root.  And ironically, it’s in the root where we … Read More

Healing Touch and the 9 Principles

A couple of years ago, Nathalie and I facilitated a workshop called Healing Hands: Using Touch with Partner and Children for Healing, Connection, and Presence Practice.  What came to mind for me as we worked together to come up with the content for the class was how simple and obvious … Read More

Reflections on Facing your Fear

For months I’ve been feeling a pull to dive in or tap into with greater sincerity the energy that’s ever-present, known as the divine feminine.  Intuitively, I began to see that by enlivening and stoking the fire of my own divine feminine and then gently reminding others of it, that … Read More

The New American Dream – Curiosity, Acceptance and Love

Yesterday Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election.  Around San Diego there was a lot of celebrating.  Cars passing by honking, people hanging out their windows with cowbells, others cheering back from the sidewalk.  It was like a huge collective out-breath, a big sigh of relief! Biden and Harris … Read More

Veil Between Worlds

This weekend I participated in a workshop called White Global Mesa – Healing the Divine Feminine.  I’m filled with gratitude for the teachers at the Shamanic Yoga Institute in Squamish, BC Canada and the many many spirit teachers and guides.  After 3 full days of teachers beautifully layering, packing and … Read More

Healing Power of Honey

During the summer, my 8-year-old cut his foot on a rock while at the beach.  It wasn’t bad enough to need stitches but uncomfortable to walk on.  He would gingerly walk around the house and preferred to put most of his weight on the side of his foot.  While this … Read More

St. George and the Dragon

Michaelmas was celebrated this past week on Tuesday the 29th and in my world (before COVID-19) it was usually a day set aside for me to attend a play at my kid’s school.  The set and setting went like this:  Students dressed as townspeople of a time long ago; some … Read More

Stress Management, Immune Health and Allergies

Stress Management, Immune Health and Allergies You might be wondering how those health issues relate to each other?  Well, throughout the 10 years of being in business and another 10 years prior to that learning about natural ways of healing the body, one thing that we’ve come to know is … Read More

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