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Easy 3-step Scalp Treatment

Here is our ABSOLUTE favorite scalp treatment. It costs almost nothing and we have not found a better one yet–even compared to very expensive treatments. It will clean your scalp, invigorate hair growth, and leave you with beautiful shiny hair with a bit of an extra bounce to it. *Do … Read More

Toxic Everyday Chemicals

With Springtime among us, some allergy-prone people are having to limit time spent outside because of pollens floating around. But did you know that some of the most harmful (and allergy-inducing) things floating around are the cleaners that you use inside your home every day? Ok let’s be real, it’s … Read More

What is Benkgung Belly Binding?

Hello dear parents and soon-to-be parents out there.  What I’m about to share has little to do with allergies, but a lot to do with good physical and mental health.  And to be honest, we at Artemis are a lot more than allergy relief.  Nathalie and I are both life-long … Read More

Living Simply can have Benefits for Kids with Allergies

If you’re a parent of a little one with allergies,  it can be really hard to know what to do.  What I’m about to suggest is not a cure-all, but it may help minimize symptoms and/or decrease the amount of allergy medicine needed. Here are 3 “simplifying” ways to help … Read More

Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse

Recently, I decided to do a liver and gallbladder flush (see below for a list of ingredients and more details at  In addition, I started to get more exercise to help get extra oxygen in my body and get the blood to move the toxins out.  I’ve also been drinking … Read More

Relaxing & Rejuvenating Oil Gift Set

I recently wrote a blog article about Valerian where I talked little bit about the spirit of the Valerian plant.  It’s such a deep and powerful plant that can go unnoticed, underappreciate and underutilized, but I’m so happy that it made its way into our consciousness and is now a … Read More

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