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Does Quercetin Help With Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies are a very common condition, and combating the misery by minimizing symptoms and reducing the risk of future occurrences can include everything from taking risky steroids to natural alternatives – enter Quercetin! Quercetin is credited with being one of the most extensively researched plant compounds found in a … Read More

Helping Ease the Irritation of a Bug Bite

Summertime and bug bites seem to go hand in hand.  I noticed that some people attract more mosquitoes than others and some react to bites more strongly than others.   So while researching on Wikipedia, I found that most mosquitoes prefer type O blood, heavy breathers, those with a lot of skin bacteria, people with a lot of body heat and pregnant women.  And sometimes it’s just a matter of how sweet your sweat is!

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