all natural allergy relief without side effects

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE NATURAL ANTIHISTAMINE without Side Effects. Non Drowsy. Non Stimulating. Works best for people experiencing itchy, watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, excess mucous and hayfever or pet allergies. Not indicated for people with dry eyes, dry nose or dry skin due to allergies.
  • DEVELOPED BY HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS and used clinically for over 10 years providing symptom relief and reducing overall frequency and severity of allergies.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, Sustainably Sourced, U.S. Grown Herbs. Made with fresh Stinging Nettles for immediate antihistamine effect & high potency Reishi Mushroom, cultivated by mushroom specialists with over 20 years of growing experience.
  • EXPERIENCE OVERALL IMPROVED HEALTH AND WELLBEING when you consider using the Artemis lifestyle guidelines to help optimize immune function, improve liver health, restore mental clarity & energy.
  • BASED ON THE WISDOM OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE and the philosophy that health and wellbeing are simple, natural and available to us in this moment.