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Anxiety is a growing issue in the modern age. With the fast pace of life, and all the demands and expectations we place on ourselves, it’s normal to feel worried or stressed at times; in fact, it’s a perfectly normal human response. But for some of us, anxiety becomes the norm as opposed to an occasional passing thing.

Anxiety is much more than simply feeling worried or stressed. Anxiety remains even after the issue or perceived threat has passed. It is ongoing, may be non-specific, and if not addressed, can lead to depression. It can also manifest physical symptoms and contribute to chronic physical diseases over time. It’s not something people can simply “snap out of”. Anxiety comes in many forms, has many causes, and there are numerous ways to treat it.

Too many people turn to medication as a first response to ongoing anxiety. This is a mistake. While medications do have their place, they can be addictive and they have side effects. There are many natural approaches to take when addressing anxiety, and pharmaceuticals should always be a last resort.

Some non-pharmaceutical ways to address anxiety include:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise in natural sunlight
  • Consuming a healthy diet, including L-lysine
  • Consuming chamomile tea
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol
  • Consuming Omega-3s
  • Taking “Time-Out”
  • Using Essential oils for anxiety
  • Psychological therapies

Using Essential oils for anxiety can be a powerful way to alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Some of the most effective essential oils for anxiety include:

  • Valerian essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Bergamot essential oil
  • Clary Sage essential oil (don’t use during pregnancy)
  • Rose essential oil
  • Vetiver essential oil
  • Chamomile essential oil
  • Cinnamon essential oil

Here at Artemis Therapeutics, we offer two strongly targeted massage oil products for assistance with anxiety. Cinnamon Massage Oil utilizes cinnamon essential oil, which is proven to relieve depression and anxiety. Even more potent as an essential oil for anxiety is our Valerian Massage Oil. From enabling deep sleep to its calming and relaxation properties, it is a powerful tool for relieving and even conquering anxiety when used alongside the other natural lifestyle recommendations mentioned above.

Don’t let anxiety impinge on your life any longer. Discover the benefits Artemis Therapeutics can offer you today.

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