Cinnamon Protector Oil

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  • Herb-Infused oil for neck and shoulder tension massage, tired achy feet, calves and low back
  • Invigorating and penetrating formula for instant relief of muscle aches and fatigue to support sports injury recovery and relief
  • Can also be used for tension headaches, altitude discomfort, mosquito bite itching, and for cooling effect in hot climates




All natural topical oil for stress relief, circulation, pain, cold and sinus symptoms

  • Apply before a neck and shoulder massage for deep penetrating relief and massage in for 3-5 minutes to push the oil into the tissues. You will feel the  herbal extracts and essential oils activate circulation, supporting sports injury recovery, soothing muscle fatigue, alleviating neck tension, and alleviating stress. 
  • Best oil for gua sha treatment. For cold conditions, best used with a hot pack.
  • Essential oils are uplifting and delightful. Herbal extracts are potent and effective. Formulated to increase circulation, alleviate heavy and full sensation in thoracic spine, legs and feet, and move lymph for therapeutic effect. Fun unique gift for yogis, athletes, and friends who enjoy natural lifestyles. Give and receive the best massage ever!
  • Excellent for travel to tropical climates. Warming and cooling action. Small amounts go a long way! No grease stains on clothes and sheets.
  • BIG relief for neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, upper back pain, tired feet and legs, sinus congestion and mental fatigue.


  • Alleviate Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain/Tension – Feel the weight lift off your shoulders
  • Relax Upper Back Fatigue and Tension –May promote a good night’s sleep and can alleviate morning sickness
  • Rejuvenate Tired Achy Feet and Legs – Invigorating after long work days or long commutes
  • Sports Recovery and Joint Pain – Increase circulation in joints and muscles for pain relief and injury recovery
  • Open Sinuses – Relax, refresh, and breathe!
  • Protect when Exposed to Cold or Flu – Antibacterial and antiviral volatile oils clean the lungs and immune system meridians
  • Clear and Energize the Mind – Refresh from long hours of screen time or indoor work

Cinnamon Protector Oil is used by acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and energy body workers to deepen treatment and for patients to experience immediate relief.

Cinnamon Protector Oil is based on a traditional formula called Po Sum On or ‘Protect the Heart’s Peace’ oil. Our formula is slightly modified and made with plant infusions and essential oils. It is used to alleviate muscle tension, achy joints, sinus and lymph congestion, fatigued feet and legs, and to clear and protect from heavy stagnant energy or exposure to cold and flu.  It is handcrafted here in the USA with loving kindness and potent plant medicine.  Not for use under 12 years old.



  • Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain/Tension

Massage small amount to top of shoulders and back of neck.  Firm pressure for a few minutes to press the oil into the muscles.   

See acupuncture points GB 20 and GB 21.

  • Upper Back Tension

Massage or use Gua Sha soup spoon technique on muscles along spine.

See acupuncture points UB 12-UB 16.

  • Tired Achy Feet and Legs

Massage oil onto soles of feet, inner ankle, and around heels. Brush and squeeze firmly upwards on calves.

See acupuncture points KI 1, inner heel, all meridians on calves, especially Spleen, Kidney, and Urinary Bladder.

  • Sports Recovery and Joint Pain

Massage into injured or painful joint or muscle.  Do not use on open skin.

  • Sinus Congestion

With very small amount of oil on tips of middle fingers, massage small circles into sinus pressure points on face such as cheeks, next to nose, and above eyes.  Massage into nape of neck and into muscle between thumb and forefinger.

See acupuncture points ST4, LI20, GB14, UB2, GB20, LI4.

  • Exposure to or Beginning of Cold or Flu

Use vigorous gua sha technique or massage along sides of upper spine. Breathe deeply to let the volatile oils enter the lungs. Massage LI 4 and web between thumb and forefinger slowly and firmly.

  • Cognitive Fatigue

Use a very small amount to avoid burning eyes. Press firmly with fingertip into point on top of head Du 20 Baihui. Massage in small circles slowly on temples. Close and relax eyes and breathe deeply.

  • Other Uses:
    • Keep bugs, especially mosquitos away. Put a few drops in your hands and spread over exposed skin.
    • Calm itches from bug bites. Rub a drop of oil onto a bug bite to feel relief. Don’t use if skin is broken.
    • Clear space or energy.



Traditional and Modern Uses

Camelia Oil

Protect and nourish the skin and hair, Japanese beauty oil

Peppermint Oil

Antispasmodic, analgesic, post-herpetic neuralgia, headaches, backache, drives the herbs deep into the tissues

Wintergreen Oil

Analgesic, calms spirit

Dragon’s Blood Resin

Promote blood circulation and regenerate tissues, clear negative energy, energetic protection

Cinnamon Oil

Warming to muscles and joints, stimulate circulation, analgesic, reduce inflammation, protection

Scutellaria Baikal

Anti Inflammatory and antibacterial for skin, soothe mosquito bites


Heal inflammatory skin conditions, neuralgia, 


Warms the channels and muscles, kicks out cold pathogen under the skin and in muscles


Open sinuses, clear away negative energy


23 reviews for Cinnamon Protector Oil

  1. Susan

    This oil is amazing. I use it as directed on the cool paper layout – helps warm and energize. I have put on sore muscles and the deep penetrating warmth is pure love. I am about to buy this as gifts for the whole family!

  2. Jesse

    I love this stuff! Not only does it smell amazing, but the oils continue to penetrate muscles and work on the affected area long after being applied. Works wonders on sinus congestion and as an aromatherapy tool as well. Grateful for this product.

  3. Nicole

    I have suffered with chronic neck and shoulder tension for years & this product has made a tremendous difference in helping ease the discomfort. I put it on at night and I wake up feeling much less tense & uncomfortable. Great product, highly recommend & really nice packaging !

  4. Lucy

    I have been using this for my TMJ pain, and it has helped me tremendously ! Also for sore swollen glands around my neck area. It went to work faster than any other essential oil product that I have ever tried . Most impressive !

  5. Surfs Up Essentials

    I was looking for something new that was uplifting and I found it! This oil i take everywhere, I use it during meditation, after exercise, and as hand sanitizer. I love the story that comes with the packaging. If you looking for a new oil with many uses this will be your new favorite oil, I highly recommend it.

  6. Sarah

    The second I opened the package, the aroma was intense and so lovely. I work on my computer for 8 + hours a day. Just before bed, I’ve been rubbing this on my shoulders and neck. It does wonders for that tightness and tension. Right now I’m recovering from strep throat and have been using it on my temples to releive the headaches. It also seems to help clear my nasal passage (it’s Spring and a load of pollan is n the Norcal air).

    Side note: I used a tiny drop on my son (6 years old) when he got a mosquito bite. The irritation went away instantly.

    This oil is like magic and I only need one or two drops to make a huge impact.

  7. Andrea

    I was introduced to cinnamon oil a few weeks ago. I’ve been using it for sore, achy muscles and it’s been great! The quality is great, happy customer!

  8. Ayke

    This stuff is amazing, so much better than i expected. It feels amazing right away, you can feel the oil working on your tension ans just simply making you feel better. Its gotta be the best oil I have used to date! Totally recommend!!

  9. Angie

    I loved everything about this oil. I could smell both the cinnamon and a peppermint scent in it. We were coming down with sinus issues and I was SO glad I had it on hand to give it a try! I diffused a few drops and then I added a couple drops in my lotion. Within 30 minutes I had sinus pain relief and felt tons better! I hope to always have some on hand!!

  10. Jessica

    Love the smell of this oil and how it eases muscle tension and pain. I’ve used it primarily on neck,shoulders, and back, but have also tried it on my knee and it’s warming effect brings almost immediate relief!

  11. Michelle

    This oil is amazing. I use it for tension headaches and it makes a great shoulder message oil. The smell is very pleasant and calming. Also helps with my children’s stuffy noses during these cold months.

  12. Brittany

    Really love this product. I have incredible tension in my neck and back as well as tender feet from being on them all day. This product truly helped relieve a great deal of the achy-ness. The aroma of the oil is very calming as well. Very soothing all around and recommend it to anyone experiencing similar pain and soreness!

  13. Carlotta

    I was looking for something new that was uplifting and I found it! This oil i take everywhere, I use it during meditation, after exercise, and as hand sanitizer. I love the story that comes with the packaging. If you looking for a new oil with many uses this will be your new favorite oil, I highly recommend it.

  14. Leann

    This stuff is POWERFUL! It’s like tiger balm on steroids and smalls sooo good. My husband uses it for his plantar fasciitis and I use it for shoulder tension.

  15. Savannah

    I just received this item and so far it’s got my vote—the scent is amazing! I will be using this item for the therapeutic properties.

  16. Anne

    It’s a nice addition to my regimen after a run. It does the trick with bug bites and helping my soreness dull out. I enjoy using this product!

  17. Stacy

    Artemis Therapeutics sent me their Cinnamon Protection Oil to try out and I’m so glad that I did! I am in love with this product! I’ve been using essential oils and essential oil blends for years and this is one of my new favorite products. Out of all the uses, my favorite is for clearing the sinuses and increasing alertness (reducing brain fog). This is also a nice compliment to my yoga practice. I massage a small amount on my neck and shoulders before my practice and can feel a slight warming sensation. The scent is pleasant without being overly strong. The product arrived in beautiful packaging in a burlap pouch. The dropper bottle is perfect for dispensing the appropriate amount.

  18. Magesh

    This is one of the best oils we have ever used! This one is a big hit in our family. My husband does Martial arts and also has a hectic work day pretty much every day. This oil does magic to relieve his joint/knee/muscle pain.
    Thank you so much!

  19. mylovelykids

    WE have been using this oil for more than a year now and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has any joint/muscle pain. Although its a bit pricey, its worth every drop. My husband does Karate and sometimes get severe leg pain and joint pain. This oil rejuvenates and relieves from the pain right away. The aroma is a bit strong so few drops are enough! Thank you so much for such an awesome product!

  20. Laura

    Let’s talk Oils. Since the surgery it’s been very hard for me no to take medication with NSAIDS, I was a big fan of Advil and all kinds of anti-inflammatories, starting to workout again, specially with all the weights I’ve been doing leave me sore and achy most times. I’ve been trying @artemistherapeutics Cinnamon Protector Oil for about 2 weeks now and I LOVE it. I rub it on knees before and after my workouts. I also rub it in my shoulders, neck, and shoulder blades and the relief is so amazing. Headaches, bye bye, and the best part is… it’s not oily at all! After I rub it my hands are dry and not greasy at all, which I love. It has a strong scent but since it’s cinnamon I love it.

  21. Lily

    I’m using when I’m doing a massage for my clients my clients love this Product smell so good,Really good for pain relief especially for neck and shoulder highly recommend it

  22. Laurel

    I love this oil blend! It smells amazing & has been so helpful for supporting my body before & after workouts, my respiratory system & clearing up brain fog. I will definitely be keeping this on hand!

  23. Gabriella

    I love this oil, especially the scent! Definitely provides aroma therapy as well.
    I received it shortly before having surgery and I’ve used it to relax my muscles and release tension post op and it’s been simply amazing.

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