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The Personality Upgrade for Allergy Relief

The Personality Upgrade for Allergy Relief

Reduce your allergies by up to 50% with a simple attitude adjustment
​What if you could cut your suffering in half without any other changes in diet or lifestyle?​

With The Personality Upgrade for Allergy Relief, you can eliminate unnecessary suffering—in both body (allergies) AND spirit (emotions, personality, relationships). There’s no need to live the rest of your life with the same allergies, muster up willpower for extreme diets, or make huge lifestyle changes just for a minimal amount of relief. With this simple process, you can start to notice changes within the first day, reduce suffering by up to 50% over the next month, and have lasting change as a result.

Do you ever feel like you’re talking to someone from behind a wall– a wall of puffy eyes and nose, or a wall of inflammation and mucous?

Do you ever feel like you can’t be the full vibrant natural you because you have a blanket of discomfort and itchiness over your head?

Like you just can’t be on your A Game, or like a nerd all stuffed up with a blunted out voice?

Do you ever feel less attractive or less confident because of your allergies? Like you can’t present as well at a party, job interview, public speaking event, or first date? Or like people are looking at you like you’re a walking disease?

Do you ever like your brain is a jar of butter–thick, heavy and foggy that nothing can move through?

What if there was a way to eliminate a portion of the problem with some simple mental restructuring?

Without anything fancy, invasive, expensive, time consuming, dangerous, or detrimental to your health and well being?

What if there was a way to get some physical allergy relief while also getting relief in emotional stress and becoming a much better version of yourself?

I created The Personality Upgrade because of what happened to me over 20 years ago without any plan or intention. I come from a family with severe allergies, eczema, and asthma, and I had been severely allergic to cats all my life. In addition, I was always stuffed up and had hay fever most of the time. What happened was that one day I realized that I was spontaneously no longer allergic to cats. All of a sudden, I was miraculously able to live with a cat for the next 10 years, and my seasonal and hay fever reduced by 50% (actually more but I also took herbs and did some healing work).

I attribute the sudden change of no longer being allergic to cats to an attitude adjustment– a change in my perception of the world. The shift happened to me as a result of hanging out with a new friend who had an outlook on life that was much freer than the one I had.

Over the next 18 years of working with people in my acupuncture practice, I realized that there are 3 main personality patterns that directly relate to the physical symptoms of allergies AND that these patterns can be easily re-coded for health, happiness, and fewer allergy symptoms.
I created The Personality Upgrade because I believe everyone who has allergies should know about this and be able to benefit from it if they so choose.

Because allergies are not a terminal illness, because there is no cure, and because they are complex and there is no real explanation for why one person has allergies and the next person doesn’t, we sort of dismiss them—- we can’t figure them out, so we shove them off, take meds, and don’t really think about it much more than that, other than accept the unresolvable diagnosis and suffer.

But what if our allergies are the lighpost to the path of a personal upgrade, to some soul healing, and to happier living?

Allergies need to be addressed from different angles— lifestyle, medicine or herbs, diet, hygiene–but there is another angle that is absolutely not recognized—and it has to do with our world view and how we relate to the world. The great thing about this entry gate is that it’s really simple, no cost, and it’s just a choice away! That’s why I created The Personality Upgrade, because I want anyone who is interested to use it to reduce their allergy symptoms and increase their enjoyment of life.

So, if you would like to take the edge off your allergies and support your own health and happiness without adding any medications or fancy treatments and experience benefits ( learn how this can work for you) within 1 day, try The Personality Upgrade and give yourself a chance right now.


The Personality Upgrade for Allergy Relief is an online workshop designed to help people with allergies transform 3 personality patterns to reduce allergy symptoms and have long lasting change within 3 days.

Right now you might be getting along fine or struggling with your allergies, but not really thinking there’s anything to do about them other than take the medications or watch your diet.

Imagine if you did this workshop and all of a sudden your allergies were reduced by a certain amount for THE LONG HAUL. And imagine if you learned how to calm your allergies down anytime you choose within a few minutes of the Sinus Ease Meditation?

{Creator Bio with Picture}

Hi! I’m Nathalie Babazadeh, a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and energy worker. I have given thousands of healing sessions over the past 20 years helping people evolve into their best selves, experience deep healing, minimize dependence on medications, and address a vast array of health concerns. I am the cofounder of AT and have developed herbal products including Lucidia all natural allergy relief to offer people health-promoting options for allergy relief. I am a mother of 2 and can proudly say that in a combined 25 years of raising children (a wild 8 year old boy and a 17 year old young woman) we have never had to go to the hospital, take antibiotics, or any other medication—not that we’re against it—it just has not yet come to that! I attribute this to very good luck and also to the side benefits of these practices and teachings that I bring to you.

While I now only have moderate hay fever a few weeks out of the year, I used to be miserable from allergies most of the time. What I learned in my lifelong interest in herbal medicine and in the bigger picture of the healing arts is that healing work takes effect far beyond our own bodies. Effects of healing permeate not only our bodies and physical health, but our spiritual well being, our relationships, our parents and children (our lineage before and after us), our communities, homes, environment, businesses, and world. It’s absolutely the coolest thing that I’ve ever experienced, and as a healer, I get to witness and be a part of it every day, over and over again!

I created The Personality Upgrade for Allergy Relief because I want people to have FULL access to ALL the things that can help them with allergies and health, especially the ones that are untapped/not recognized, non invasive, simple, doable, and in alignment with a higher level of total health and well being.

My goal is that we humans continue to level up and evolve into the better and better versions of ourselves and experience the magic that is right within us and around us, at any time we choose. I want people to experience that the offerings of the Universe are infinite, and that what is handed to us off the shelf for healing is very unique to us, and we benefit in a totally efficient, no-harm, awe-inspiring, exquisite, soul healing way.

{Detailed Walkthrough}


How will upgrading my personality affect my allergies?

When you identify and transform 1 or all 3 of the most common personality patterns I have seen in people who suffer from allergies, your Internal Response System will recalibrate, and the vascular system in the head, neck, and face will not be under constant flood and inflammation. Chronic low grade (and unnoticeable) reactivity to life circumstances will reduce or stop. The body and organs will not accumulate with emotional and physical debris that ends up flooding out through the sinuses, eyes, nose, and lungs. A more obvious connection of the Internal Response System– a spiritual, emotional, and physical response system of the organs and vessels— is a flushed face from embarrassment. This flood to the face and congestion of the organs (liver, heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys, intestines) is happening chronically, just low grade, when we are living with these certain patterns, beliefs, or “operating system.”

What are the 3 patterns?

The 3 patterns are 3 different mindsets, belief systems, or worldviews that we hold as a result of certain family patterns, early attachment setup, cultural conditioning, or childhood trauma/ pain. They are like having old code in our consciousness, which cascades through all physiological functions AND through all aspects of our lives–relationships, work, spiritual, and creative. So, when we recode the consciousness, everything elevates–physiology and outward aspects of our lives. The re-coding is so simple– it’s a matter of choosing and trying it out. You don’t need to believe me. You will experience it for yourself.

Can this be used for children with allergies?

This program is specifically for ADULTS with allergies. Teens can also benefit. Children with allergies is a different workshop; however, if you have children and they have allergies, your decision to do this transformative healing work on yourself (even if you do not have allergies, but you feel drawn to it) will benefit your children. The Upgrade workshop for children with allergies is not yet created, but to give you an idea of what is going on, it has to do with this:
Balance in the household–this means that somewhere in the household there is an issue with balance of power, balance of workload, or balance of emotional energy holding. The weight of this goes into the child, and floods out of the child through the lungs, nose, eyes, and skin. The most basic things I can suggest for you to do here are:
Notice if you have this imbalance and lovingly connect with the other parent to find a solution towards balance
create peaceful rhythms or routines in the home–predictability, ease, enjoyment. So things aren’t sloshing around everywhere as a result of the imbalance

How long is the workshop and how long will it take until I notice a change in my allergies?

The workshop is 1 ½ hours long. There is an energy healing meditation at the end of it. If you are having symptoms during the workshop, it’s possible that your symptoms will subside after the energy healing. You will learn a short meditation that within a week of practice, you will be able to self regulate and reduce symptoms within a few minutes anytime you choose. After the workshop, I suggest that you stay connected to the “new code” for at least 3 weekes until it fully integrates. During this time of change, notice if you have less frequency or severity, or as in my case, my lifelong allergy to cats completely resolved itself.

What is Grandma’s House in the Woods?

Grandma’s House in the Woods is a shamanic soul recovery practice that I created for this program. You can use it a few times or as often as you like. It is a direct way to heal yourself from minor to deep childhood trauma. The root of all 3 of the patterns is a matter of self love. Even if there is no childhood trauma, the deep healing of soul integration will affect the vascular response, leading to reduced allergy symptoms, heart health, and of course more connected and joyful living.

Can I get off my medications if I do this workshop?

If your goal is to get off your allergy medications, this workshop is definitely one big step toward that. You will have to see how you respond and what is most important for your body to address. Allergies need to be addressed from different angles–exposure to allergens, diet, lifestyle, emotions, and deep healing. This workshop is about the last two. If you feel drawn to try to replace or reduce and use an all natural alternative to allergy medications, you can see if Lucidia is appropriate for you.

Will this workshop affect other aspects of my health or life?

Yes! Because it’s addressing the internal response system, the vascular, nervous, and immune systems will be strongly affected. I have people who tell me that their high blood pressure is lower and that the Sinus Calm meditation lowers their blood pressure. You can expect more energy and happiness and a more resilient immune system.

Who are the people who get the most out of this workshop?

  1. People who are looking for a holistic way to address their allergies, and who may be aware that allergies are not just something to be shoved off to the side with meds and ignored, rather looking for a way to get to the root of the problem and provide the body and immune system the support it really needs.
  2. People who have no problem taking medication, but just need more relief. You’ve tried everything and take meds daily, maybe you even suffered a gluten free or elimination diet, but you still suffer a lot from allergies and you need something more. 
  3. Parents of children who have allergies and want to transform their own emotional underpinnings that can lead to allergies in children. 
  4. Anyone looking to upgrade their personality and transform an outdated attitude  for overall better health and happiness, and deep healing exercises that you can do for yourself. Anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how the body,  mind  and spirit work together  and how consciousness and self healing directly affect health.

How does this work?

  1. Buy The Personality Upgrade for Allergy relief by clicking this button here.
  2. Check your email and you will have immediate access to the workshop to start whenever you want. Give yourself some special time to give the workshop your full attention and the time you need to complete it and relax a bit afterward–maybe 2 hours.
  3. Over the next few weeks, listen to the guided self healing practices and the meditation as you like.
  4. Let me know how it goes for you, and what you notice! Also feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions so I can continue to improve it!

Refund Policy

  1. Buy The Personality Upgrade for Allergy relief by clicking this button here.
  2. Check your email and you will have immediate access to the workshop to start whenever you want. Give yourself some special time to give the workshop your full attention and the time you need to complete it and relax a bit afterward–maybe 2 hours.
  3. Over the next few weeks, listen to the guided self healing practices and the meditation as you like.
  4. Let me know how it goes for you, and what you notice! Also feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions so I can continue to improve it!

Imagine where you could be in one week from now–

Imagine if your allergies were less problematic and continuing to be less frequent and less severe over time

Imagine if you could cut your meds in half and do a few minutes of breathwork to calm your symptoms on demand?

Imagine feeling lighter and having more ease–in life and relationships?

Imagine being a whole new and better version of yourself– just being your true self, without emotional baggage dragging you down and congesting your head and face….

Now is the time to take action.  It’s right here right now and will cost you so little in time, money and energy, and save you so much in all of those over the long run.

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