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Plants 🌱 that Promote Health and Personal Power

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If Lucidia works for you, you’re lucky.

I don’t know which caused which, me walking the path of getting to know myself led me to the magical world of plant medicine, or getting to know the herbs helped me fully come into myself. It’s sort of like a braid–walk the path, meet the herbs, empower, come more fully into self, meet more herbs….

I do believe herbs give you power. Make you stronger. Make life better.

I say, save the meds for when they are needed. Some people think herbs don’t  work as well as medications. Medications might be faster and stronger in the moment, and this is perfect, especially when saved for those needed moments. They even work better if you save them for those times.  Thank God for meds!

But for the regular days, it’s the herbs that really take care of business– just like daily exercise, healthy diet, study, experience in a career, investing, practicing an instrument, cultivating anything at all that is meaningful… the power in all of these is longevity, and in fact, that is exactly what the herbs give.

Allergies are one of those things.  If you can get the relief you need naturally, you get the daily infusion of POWER.  Lucidia is formulated for Relief, and for Power. Why power? Because that’s what most of us who suffer from allergies need.  I can talk more about that later, but the power the herbs hold is clear and simple. They clean up the lymphatic system. They mineralize and detoxify the blood. They support the immune system and are used to slow and prevent certain types of cancer. Reishi mushroom is traditionally known as the Herb of Immortality!!!  Why? Because of those things, and because over time it awakens the consciousness to connect us with a higher awareness of ourselves here. Stinging nettles are a like a wild spinach, a western herb of longevity, full of minerals that keep hair, bones, thyroid strong and healthy, and awaken us to the magic of our existence.

When we take herbs in a good way, a way that honors the natural world, we align with the very power of the natural world–and that gives us HEALTH and POWER.  Power being, personal power, not power over others. We can be strong in ourselves. We can be guided from within, and be directed to where we need to be. We have the power and energy to be thrilled to be alive.

Do you ever feel like having allergies keeps you from fully being yourself, in your full power and potential?  I do. Allergies are like a thick wall that I’m locked behind. I feel silenced by them, brain blocked, personality blunted, puffy, sickly, thick headed… my true self is covered with a thick layer and aside from being miserably uncomfortable, it’s not exactly the moment you want to connect with the hot date, meet your friends for dinner, give the presentation, or do anything meaningful or important for that matter.


Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Healing Arts and Energy Medicine teacher

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