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What do Allergies and Chronic Neck Tension have in Common?

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For some people, allergies and chronic neck tension go hand in hand. For these people (including myself), Chinese Medicine explains that Yang energy is going up to the head and out too fast. This active energy that should be grounded in our center (kidneys and lower dan tian), is fountaining out the top of our heads, causing congestion of the lymph and overstimulation of the vascular system in the head. This presents in a few different ways, depending on the person. it can be too much excitement such as too many ideas, or wanting to do too many things, too much thinking, too much focus such as at work or on the computer, high blood pressure, headaches, or hot temperament. All of these patterns are basically too much activity in the head and upper body, leading to the worsening of our allergies and neck and shoulder tension. Does this sound familiar?

So, what to do about it?

The idea is to bring the energy back down into the center of the body, not just the head!
Ways to do this are:
  • Cut out or reduce coffee and caffeine
  • Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, Belly Breathing Meditation, or almost any meditation and breath work to regulate the flow of qi
  • Laying down to rest when overstimulated so body can recharge and also to interrupt the upward movement of qi, so it goes horizontally rather than vertically
  • Inversion posture in Yoga to reverse the direction of flow, as in an hourglass timer
  • Acupuncture and Herbs
  • Amino Acid Therapy  (blog post to come)
  • Cinnamon Protector Oil Massage to reset the upward rising of qi and open vessels for circulation

It can be helpful to understand the body and energy from this Chinese Medical perspective. We are reminded to operate in life from our entire selves and bodies, not just our heads and minds. Throughout the day, breathe down through the feet, and feel yourself in your body doing daily activities such as working, cooking, driving, interacting with others, and see if you notice less severe symptoms of allergies or neck tension.

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