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Letter to Practitioners

Dear Practitioner,
Welcome to Artemis

This approach is designed to support you in successfully treating your patients with allergies. It is simple, effective, and rooted in Chinese Medicine.

The program consists of:

  • Your individual treatment style
  • A Chinese medical diagnosis of the patient, by you. Simple underlying pattern or constitutional diagnosis, and the branch manifestation.
  • Herbal prescription to address both aspects of the allergies—the underlying and the symptoms
  • Online lifestyle and dietary recommendations for your patient

Benefits to you:

  • Successfully treat allergies and get patient satisfaction, allowing your patients to reduce or eliminate medications, and offer allergy relief that has no negative side effects, rather health-promoting benefits.
  • Be confident and thorough in your treatment and have access to telephone training support from Artemis Therapeutics.
  • Be able to direct your patients to the Artemis Therapeutics website for information on dietary and lifestyle guidelines so they get more relief and you spend less time explaining everything, and more time treating.
  • Help start and become a part of a network of attentive and competent practitioners for referral across the globe.
  • Profit from your sales of product or have the convenience of letting your patient order on their own.
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