Diamond Heart--spiritual cultivation center started by A.H. Almaas in Berkeley, CA that offers group teachings internationally and also one on one work with a teacher for mind, body, emotional awareness practice and connection to True Nature. This practice/work is excellent for anyone wanting to get to underlying emotional blockages of allergies, anxiety, anger, depression, chronic body tension, or anything that presents in life. It teaches body-centered awareness practice and gives tools to stay curious, non judgmental, and trust in the underlying truth of what is.

12 Step Programs-- most well known for recovery from alcoholism and addiction, 12 step program can be applied to most difficult life situations and personal problems. Various programs have developed over the years, such as:

CODA-codependents anonymous. for healthy relationships

Alanon-for loved ones of alcoholics including adults who grew up with an alcoholic parent or grandparent

Debtors, Sex and Love, Cigarettes, Marijuana, Emotions, Overeaters, Workaholics, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Depression, Narcotics, Gamblers, etc.

12 step programs are self sustainable and operate on small donations worldwide.  They have helped millions of people. If you are in a place where you don't know what else you can do about life or a problem, 12 step is nice because you can just genuinely start working the steps and going to meetings  and healing and guidance will start to open.

Online live group teachings at

The Four Directions with Patrick O'Neill  based on the teachings of Angeles Arrien and the work they developed together over 20 years, this program uses cross cultural approaches to how to live a good life in a good way by developing personal leadership, full and open heart, clear vision for our future, and wisdom ways. It supports us in taking full responsibility for our lives and happiness for deep, meaningful living.  Patrick is an excellent, clear, strong teacher.

Source Seminars are full immersion week long retreats designed for self reflection.  Source Seminar with Kerry Lee Smith


When we are trying to change something in our lives, we need to surround ourselves with the energy we are trying to move toward.  Podcasts are nice because the positive wisdom from others can sort of permeate the in-betweens of our days and massage our transformation into being. Some to keep on hand might be:

Tara Brach-meditation and Buddhism

Why Shamanism Now


Healing Services and Energy Healing Classes - Reiki healing clinic, Shamanic healing  San Francisco, CA - Qi Gong classes for self healing and transforming energy. Very good for allergies.  Surf City, North Carolina and distance classes and healing. - Center for shamanic healing Portland Oregon podcast Why Shamanism Now


Parenting and Children

Waldorf Education - K-12 education that integrates and develops the whole child

Waldorf Teacher Training - A teacher education program that prepares people to become teachers in Waldorf schools