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Is it Bad to Take Allergy Medicine Everyday?

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Good for you for asking this question… because a part of you already knows that the answer might not be the one you want to hear.

Many people, who do not want to ask this question, instead ask, why would I take something natural, when it’s more expensive, less convenient, and maybe immediately less effective?

It’s a reasonable enough question, but the answer is simple.  Is it “bad” to eat McDonald’s everyday?  Or shelf food–saltine crackers, mac n’ cheese to address the body’s food needs? There’s no list of bullet-pointed side effects. Why would I prepare fresh food at home, when it’s more expensive, less convenient, and may be immediately less “tasty?”  

The fact is, taking plant medicines that clean up and support the body’s immune system is not more expensive or less convenient in the long run. On a daily basis you are supporting your organs and optimal function, offering both immediate and long term effects. Sure you might have to dose more often with natural medicine, but what if in the long run you reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, or dementia?  Higher risk of any of those is  much more “inconvenient” and costly. 

The reason it’s not that different from eating whole foods and vegetables, is because that is exactly what you’re doing, except with a bit more potency (extracted herbs) and specific focus—allergy relief. 

Just as with a healthy meal you will both feel better immediately than if you eat fast or processed foods, and receive long term benefits of eating well on a regular basis, the same is true with certain natural medicines such as Lucidia sinus support. 

The research is there to show it— quercetin is one of the most highly studied flavonoids to support heart health, vascular health, as a natural anti inflammatory,  and antihistamine without negative side effects.  Reishi mushroom as well–has proven itself in study after study as an anti cancer agent and liver support. Stinging nettles–as nutritive blood tonics high in minerals and supportive to healthy pregnancy, thyroid, prostate, and hair.  Who wouldn’t want to be taking these in on a regular basis?

The good news is that supporting your innate health and immunity can actually be really simple, and you probably already do a lot of it. Breathing fresh air, getting a bit of sunshine, enjoying the outdoors–does wonders for the immune system and all the systems. 

We lose sight of how simply the body balances itself and how health and wholeness are “built into” life itself. Imagine the difference in your health, energy, and well-being if you stayed inside for 7 days only seeing a gray cement wall around and above you.  When you think of it this way, you can realize that even the shapes,  colors, and smells of trees and flowers have a balancing effect on all of our systems. 

We know that no one wants to get into their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and have a box full of pharmaceuticals they have to take on a daily basis. The doctors and pharmacists will be the first to try natural and lifestyle ways before getting on a medication long term.  Let those daily and long term meds (if any)  actually be necessary ones, while the rest of the time, we do our best to support the innate integrity and balance of our bodies. 


Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Healing Arts and Energy Medicine teacher

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