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Allergy Secrets

The 3 Secrets to Allergies…

Secret #1… The root of all allergies is spiritual-emotional.

Allergies have a very strong emotional-spiritual component to them, and namely, are connected to the attachment setup of our family.   The physical aspect of them is simply the outer layer, (which also needs to be addressed!) but take notice that any healing work on the deeper levels –such as patterns of self criticism, insufficiency, and ego, will reduce allergy suffering. In the cases of children with allergies, if the parents  bring more balance and self healing for themselves and in the rhythms of the household, the child will benefit.

Secret #2… Most allergies are a Clean Up job –physically and energetically.

Simply put, if we simplify our lives, allergy symptoms will reduce.  Most allergies are the result of “too much on our plates.” Overwhelm, overeating, clutter in our living space, emotional baggage, family pressure, overextended lifestyle, not enough downtime or sleep— most of us have at least one of these going on. Addressing the most dominant of these will reduce allergy symptoms, and make it easier to get to the next one.

Secret #3… Allergies can actually resolve. 

Yes, heal, go away, be gone… not just the symptoms, but the actual allergy. When this happens, it’s a sign of personal transformation.  It means something is shifting in us, and in our lineage. It is the result of self healing work and coming into balance, and will benefit our children and loved ones.

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