Veil Between Worlds

This weekend I participated in a workshop called White Global Mesa – Healing the Divine Feminine.  I’m filled with gratitude for the teachers at the Shamanic Yoga Institute in Squamish, BC Canada and the many many spirit teachers and guides.  After 3 full days of teachers beautifully layering, packing and unpacking information and wisdom through zoom, I gratefully walk away with a treasure chest full of new perspectives, new language, new tools and new insights. 

There’s a lot of digesting and processing going on inside of me, but one thing that keeps coming back to me is a talk we had briefly on Sunday.

With this weekend also being Halloween and a blue moon, there was a lot of energy in the air.  The veils between worlds (the physical and non-physical or the living and non-living) was thin – the most thin all year. 

Again this brought me back to Sunday’s discussion… creating sanctuaries – beautiful, loving, thoughtful, warm, luminescent spaces for death.

What I believe is that collectively, we’ve forgotten that death is a homecoming of sorts.  And in that forgetting, amnesia-state, we’ve turned death into something fearful; something to block out and not talk about. 

Yes, it’s so painful to have a loved one leave us; please know that I’m not diminishing any pain felt – it’s so very real and heartbreaking.  But what I want to bring attention to is the one who is dying, the one who is crossing over, and in turn, take ourselves out of the picture for just a moment.

Can we collectively begin to have a different perspective – one that welcomes death in the same way that new life is welcomed? (it’s just a thought). And in the same way we prepare for the birth of new life months ahead of time with a nursery, crib, clothing, blankets, sweet smelling powders and lotions, a mobile and pacifiers, can we dedicate equal energy into birthing a soul back to the spirit realm?  What would this look like?  It’s a question that I don’t necessarily have definitive answers to.  It seems to me to be very personal and rooted in familial traditions and customs.

As we pass through these days and nights feeling the vibrancy of the full moon, the thinning veil between worlds and honoring of ancestors and loved ones on Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), let’s begin to rewrite the story of birthing souls back to the non-physical realm.

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