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Chamba Broth Optimized Immune Support 4oz


    • Potent antiviral and immune boosting herbal formula with Astragalus
    • Simple and delicious warm broth for all ages
    • Mindfully crafted, Non gmo, vegetarian, no animal testing, made in USA

How to enjoy: Place 1/2-1 tsp in 4 oz of hot water each morning.  Chamba Broth is made with Nutritional Yeast, Carrots, Onions, Turmeric root, Parsley, Leek, Nutmeg, Garlic, Lovage, Celery, Pepper, Dill, Paprika, Rosemary and Mustard

  • Targeted immune boosting activity to protect during cold and flu season
  •  Potent plant medicine in delicious and satisfying vegetarian broth.  In Chinese medicine, the heat of the clear broth and the savory flavor are therapeutic in and of themselves.  It’s very different from drinking something iced or sweet and has its own beneficial properties that strengthen the body’s resilience.
  •  Cumulative effect on strengthening the immune system, one day at a time.

Do you want to do everything in your power to strengthen your immune system and be as protected as you can be?  

  • Decide if Chamba broth is right for you
  • Purchase and Try
  • Enjoy, or your money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.   We want you to love your medicine, and if this isn’t the right one for you, we want you to find the one that is.

3 reviews for Chamba Broth Optimized Immune Support 4oz

  1. Andy

    I went to watch my high-schooler play a baseball game in the bitter cold. As I sat there on the hard cement bleachers, cheering on the team (and secretly hoping the game would end early due to inclement weather), I was so glad that I made myself a thermos full of hot Chamba Broth. As the cold wind blew, I felt protected with my warm jacket on the outside and the delicious medicinal broth on the inside.

  2. Lyann

    As a family we went to Germany for Christmas and when traveling we brought the broth with us. It was a great drink while walking around town because of the cold weather and because of the flu season during the winter months. It was a great warmer and a great drink to have while sight-seeing. Another great thing about this broth is that it has medicinal purposes with Chinese herbs, but tastes just like broth!

  3. Sam

    Over the holidays I got a cold and felt so much fullness and pain in my face and sinuses. I sipped this broth and felt immediate relief and calming. The pressure and congestion in my face went down. I drank it a couple of times and my cold went away 4 days faster than how long it lasted for my family. It is delicious to drink and somehow feels calming. Thanks so much. I love it.

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