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Chamba Honey 4oz

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  • Raw California honey blended with extracts of Astragulus, Atractylodes Alba and Siler root
  • Helps prevent or reduce colds, flu and winter lung and ear infections
  • How to Enjoy: For children 2 yrs and older and adults, enjoy 1/2-1 teaspoon honey without food. Or add to hot water with lemon and drink as a tea.
  • Mindfully crafted, Non gmo, vegetarian, no animal testing, made in USA

Did you know that Chamba Honey is great for flu season, travel, or to rebuild during stressful times such as these to give our bodies the basic foundation of total health and resilience?

  • Targeted immune boosting activity to protect during cold and flu season
  • Cumulative effect on strengthening the immune system, one day at a time

Do you want to do everything in your power to strengthen your immune system and be as protected as you can be? 

  1. Decide if Chamba Honey is right for you.
  2. Purchase and Try.
  3. Enjoy, or your money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.   We want you to love your medicine, and if this isn’t the right one for you, we want you to find the one that is.

1 review for Chamba Honey 4oz

  1. Kacey

    I love adding this herbal honey blend to hot water and lemon. It’s really tasty and perfect for the cold winter months!

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