Cinnamon Protector Mask Spray

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Sanitize and refresh your mask before, after or throughout wearing. Spritz your mask with 1-2 spays and feel invigorated and refreshed with the benefits of a sanitized mask!



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Cinnamon Protector Mask Spray is made with Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Camelia Oil, Peppermint Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Dragon’s Blood Resin, Cinnamon Oil, Scutellaria Baikal (Skullcap), Licorice, Ginger & Eucalyptus

-Alcohol helps disinfect the mask.

-Peppermint Oil can boost energy, clear the respiratory tract, stimulate circulation, alleviate feelings of nervous tension and stress, and soothe feelings of irritability

-Wintergreen Oil can soothe symptoms of colds, infections, as well as the flu

-Cinnamon Oil can reduce stress and fight off infections

-Dragon’s Blood Resin is a powerful protector from unwanted energies, depression, and negativity and it can help reduce excitability and confusion.

-Scutellaria Baikal can help calm nerves

-Licorice is anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting

-Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in easing feelings of nausea

-Eucalyptus can help with respiration and used as an antiseptic and decongestant. It also has deodorizing properties

1 review for Cinnamon Protector Mask Spray

  1. Andy

    I really like the scent of this mask spray – it’s refreshing! And I like the added bonus that I can disinfect my mask any time and not wait to throw it in the wash. I highly recommend it!

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