What kind of allergies is Lucidia for?

Lucidia is formulated to give relief for symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, hay fever, pet, and mold allergies.  The main symptoms are watery sinus congestion (not thick painful sinus congestion), sneezing, itchy watery eyes, mild itchy skin reaction, mucous, moderate cough or wheezing.  It is not intended for emergency situations or food allergies.

My child was prescribed Zyrtec for her allergies to grass and pollen near our house.  Can I give her Lucidia instead?  She is 4 years old.

Many children take Lucidia in addition to or instead of OTC allergy medications.  Be sure to limit her exposure to the agitators as much as possible (you'd be surprised how many people let their kids roll in the grass or have pets even though they are allergic!) to minimize the taxation on her system. Lucidia is a clean up job, but we still need to be really careful with kids. It can be extra helpful for kids to make sure they get enough sleep, limit wheat, dairy, and sweets in their diet, and keep life as orderly and regular as possible for them. Home life should be as calm, warm, and loving as possible, as chaos and stress will really exacerbate allergies.


What is the dosage of Lucidia for a child and how can I give it to him if he doesn't swallow capsules yet?

Children 5 and under can take 1/2 capsule 1-2 times per day.  Ages 6-12 can take a whole capsule 3 times per day, or as needed for relief. Ages 2 and under should check with physician. With adults and children, be sure to first test with a small amount to make sure there is no allergic reaction such as mild skin rash within 10 min to an hour. This is unusual but still important to check since some people are allergic to stinging nettles or mushrooms.  The capsule can be opened and mixed into a small amount of honey or water to administer.


Can I give Lucidia to my dog?

Yes, we have many people who are using Lucidia to alleviate allergic symptoms for their dogs. There are several online communities who have reported to us that they have safely used it for itchy skin or sneezing, and also several people have told us it has helped reduce the size of mast cell tumors in their dogs and that the dogs are feeling much better mood and energy!  The dosage is approximately 1 capsule per 20 lbs as often as needed.


What if Lucidia doesn't work for me?

Don't worry!  There is something that can work for you. Lucidia is a clean up remedy.  Most of us need some sort of clean up-- in diet, lifestyle, emotional, family, or simply too much on our plates in life and Lucidia helps clean up some of this mess for us, thereby giving us relief.  Some people, however, need something other than clean up-- that might be you.  This often happens with people who would benefit more from first addressing a different aspect of health and well being such as hormonal balancing (cycle regulation, adrenal, testosterone, thyroid, cortisol), protein levels, immune function, blood sugar, gut health, or emotional healing.   These are actually the underlying factors contributing to allergy symptoms and most of us would also benefit from addressing one or more of them.  A holistic practitioner can help determine where to start to get to the bottom of your allergies.