What it Means to Finish

In February 2018, I decided to expand on my love of yoga and go through a 200-hour teacher training course.  I recall not feeling too thrilled about teaching yoga, I just wanted to learn more about it.  Going through the course meant devoting 3 nights a week for 8 weeks to lecture and asana practice and many more hours taking yoga classes to complete the requirements for certification.  

My fellow yogis and I were given one year to finish the 60+ outside class hours plus any assignments, readings and essays.  Some of my classmates kicked butt, were totally motivated and got it all finished – ready to move on to teaching a yoga class solo.  I, on the other hand, was not ready and even had many moments of doubt and negativity.

There were times when I thought, “why bother finishing the requirements? I didn’t do it for a career change.  I’m just missing a few hours and what difference does it make whether I have a paper certificate or not?”

That’s exactly what my inner voice sounded like! YUK!  

Perhaps that inner rebel was partly right; I wasn’t going to pursue a teaching career in yoga, BUT the difference was deciding to complete what I started!

And this past week I completed all requirements and turned in my work for…. Yes, a paper certificate, in which I’m going to frame… thank you very much! : )

I love that I completed the class hours, the studying, the homework assignments, the readings, the hours on the mat practicing, strengthening, balancing, focusing, re-centering…doing what I love!

With all the buzz about new resolutions, I decided to dedicate this year to doing more activities that feel yummy and fill my cup; to start & complete & dive deeper into the things that I love… my family, friends, yoga, crafting, writing, Waldorf education and nature.

Remember childhood?  It wasn’t enough to have one cabbage patch doll, one matchbox car, or one day at the park or swimming pool. Right?  Kids don’t self regulate or inhibit or limit for the sake of time, money, work, etc. No way! In fact, they dive deep, explore and let whatever they’re doing penetrate and envelop them.  How cool is that?!

I’m giving myself and anyone else reading this permission to go out, explore and be enveloped by things that bring joy.  Have courage to dive deeper – Your inner child will delight and thank you!

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