My daughter and son had their annual Eurythmy concert the other night and it was beautiful and dreamy and graceful.  It had me thinking that if someone doesn’t know about Waldorf education, then this word, eurythmy sounds strange.   Then once you’ve heard the word, to try to explain what it is can seem even stranger.  So, here’s a little bit about eurythmy…

It was developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner (the creator of Waldorf curriculum and philosophy) in 1911.  Like anything in Waldorf education, there are many layers to it, but most simply stated, it is music and speech expressed in bodily movement.  It’s also called visible speech or visible song or “an art form that translates music and speech into movement.”   In other words, when we speak, we create movements in the region of our speech organs (vocal chords), but in eurythmy, the body becomes the instrument to speak and sing.  In essence, every sound has a unique gesture or movement and when put to music, it looks so graceful.

*You might be wondering what the picture has to do with eurythmy… I’m hemming some of the tunics that the students wear during the performance : )

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