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3 Step Somatic Meditation Practice to Transform Anxiety

This practice can also be used to develop self- awareness and energetic perceptivity.  It uses the power that exists in the given moment to fuel the desired state of existence. If using it to address anxiety, consider a 21 day commitment to yourself. Before starting the chosen number of days, … Read More

Cold and Flu Season: What to Do When You Are Getting Sick

Rest is to let the body focus on overcoming the virus and to recover its energy from overwork or stress.  We usually get sick because we are run down, not because we were exposed to the virus.

Getting sick forces us to interrupt our normal routine. Rather than be annoyed by this, take the opportunity to actually be present in the down time.

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Fevers and Why We Need to Embrace Them

I had the privilege a couple of years ago to meet a really well-respected Anthroposophical doctor
named Philip Incao. He’s written many articles over the years, but the one that caught my eye is
entitled How to Treat Childhood Diseases. I found it most interesting that in Dr. Incao’s experience, suppressing fevers increases the tendency for allergies. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to let go of the fear of fever and appreciate the benefits.

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My Personal Journey of Meditation and 5 Things That Help Me Stick With It

Ever since I could remember, whenever I would sit down to meditate, I would last no more than 10 minutes.  Why just 10 minutes? Well, one of two things would happen…either my mind would over-function or it would under-function.  In the over-function mode, it would rattle off a to-do list that could fill an 8 x 11, single space Word document (which is something that most of us are familiar with).  It’s what’s known as the “monkey mind”.

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Allergies and The Elements: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can help

Sometimes a different way of thinking of things can broaden our understanding of the way things work.  In western medicine, we think of specific allergens that aggravate our allergies, such as pollens, grasses, cat dander.  In Chinese medicine, we look at the elements.  This can be more information for us to reduce our exposure to what aggravates our symptoms and help us make sure we minimize factors contributing to allergies.

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Treating Anxiety – the Natural Way

Anxiety is a very common issue; it is in fact the most common of all mental health disorders and as many as one in four of us will be affected by an anxiety disorder at some point during life. Medication isn’t necessarily the answer, and natural treatment methods like using essential oils for anxiety can be very powerful.

Some anxiety in life is a normal reaction to stress. It is when anxiety is unremitting, not attached to a specific self-limiting circumstance or challenge, or when it impinges on daily quality of life that is becomes a problem.

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Allergy Relief without Pharmaceuticals

It’s that time of year. For some of us it’s spring; others will suffer in other seasons and some poor souls suffer all year long…

Allergies. They can make you feel sick when you’re not, make you feel tired when you should be full of energy. They give you itchy eyes, runny, sneezy noses, irritated throats, and more. They, quite simply, make you feel miserable.

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